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For detailed pricing information for your specific federation or club, please contact us.

All prices include:

- Free email support
- Two remote training sessions
- Free updates upto the next major release.


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Enhanced support contracts could include:

- Extra support by phone
- More training options, like on-site
- Extended updates, even new major versions


Countries using TaekoPlan software

The follow federations are currently using our software:

Denmark, Sweden, Finland,
Iceland,Poland, Austria, Spain,
Russia, Slovakia,Italy, Greece,
Bulgaria, Belgium, Israel,
Luxemburg, Ireland, Scotland,
Switzerland,Latvia, Albania,
Czech Republik,Thailand,
Indonesia, Saoudi Arabia,
Turkey,Romania, Albania,
Peru,Canada, USA

And this year we are running the major A-Class/G1 tournaments in:

Austria, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland,  Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Turkey....
And a lot of G1's are done by federations themselves.

TaekoPlan has been sold in over 48 countries by federations and clubteams.

In total currently 246 licenses have been sold.


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Taekwondo Tournament Organization System for:

WTF Kyorugi and Poomsae


Sparring, Pattern, Power Test and Special Technique



Welcome to the official TaekoPlan support site.

This is meant to be a place where all registered users of TaekoPlan can get program updates, get answers to particular questions through our FAQ service and ask other users about specific problems, experiences and other program based items.


TaekoPlan is a tool for the planning of taekwondo SPARRING and Poomsae tournaments under WTF rules or for sparring, pattern, power test and special technique under ITF rules.
All categories and weight/length classes are supported.
A complete visual representation of the tournament status for the organizers.
 TaekoPlan is now officially released in 5 languages: dutch, englishgerman, russian and spanish.


More languages will follow shortly. If there is enough interest in other languages, we will translate the current package. Please let us know at whether you are interested in a version in your own language or even participate in the translation program.

v3.00 is now available!

With many changes and fixes compared to 2.04!

Release 3.00 has lots of updates on layout and functions. 
We are proud to have all possible interfaces to EBP scoring systems available!


 In 2010/11 we have introduced our new connection with Daedo EBP as well as our completely updated TaekoPlan software.
Besides Taekwondo, we have moved to other sports also.

2012 brought the new version 2.00 of TaekoPlan with many features and also ready for the new Global License System, which is introduced by WTF for 2013.
Providing direct link to WTF Ranking system and Taekwondodata ranking.

2015 brought the long expected interface with the GMS system, which will reduce a lot of issues with subscription for tournaments.
TaekoPlan is able to import directly from the Simplycompete website!

TaekoPlan also connects to the Daedo electronic vests! We have the official interface with their scoreboard system.
Both Generation 1 and 2 are supported.

Also exclusive connections with the BudoScore scoreboard system and ASL!

A complete system with tournament management, scoreboard and video replay linked together!

Live results on TPSS during the tournament

 TaekoPlan Video Replay!

v3.0 Changes

1. Added vestsizes in time table
2. Update tariff entry and checked correct output
3. Removed old Daedo 4 and 12 versions. Daedo Truescore and TKStrike supported
4. Updated competitor list on screen
5. Implemented Poomsae elimination or combination of cut-off and elimination.
6. Updated Poomsae scoreboard to v5.0
7. Fixed issue with kyorugi and Poomsae for the same competitor
8. Fixed issue with formsize of accreditation entry
9. Updated timetable to reflect new Poomsae options
10. Updated Poomsae Beamer module
11. Replaced 'SDP' by 'GDP' (sudden death to Golden point)
12. Updated weighin module to show numbers per category group
13. Fix: if column was to be removed and was part of index, the column could not be removed.
14. Poomsae: added bonus/malus points for Para Poomsae
15. Ranking (123) is now combined for Kyorugi and all poomsae forms. No need to select different poomsae type in topbar of screen
16. Update Liveupdate to get rid of the caching problems. Should now always be able to download updates.
17. Improved Checkprize in competitor management for faster searching
18. Fixed: issue with poomsae time table. After scrolling sometimes wrong category was selected although mouse pointed to the correct one.
19. Added error messages to Daedo TKstrike output if roundtimes or no. of rounds is missing.
20. Update barcode input for weighin scan to 4 digits.
21. Fixed WTF g1 output filename, tournamentname was not separated from standard file outputname part.
22. Updated function to decide which menu options to show in main menu.
23. Fixed wrong index 'Tarief' in competitor entry.
24. Added missing english translations
25. Update Video replay report and video replay sheet to version 2017
26. Update Juryform to version 2017
27. Fixed size issue with basic tournament settings screen (update button on bottom)
28. Fixed tariff seek function
29. All printed output has centered headers
30. Fixed issue with competitor overview showing freestyle participation if not
31. Fixed issue with competitors per category not showing correctly.
32. Fixed two issues in DB creation which caused the fields to be removed and recreated all the time
33. Fixed inavlid procedure call error in fight schedule when called from timetable
34. Added Daedo GEN2 vestsizes to compact scheme
35. Invalid procedure call error in Fightschedule fixed.
36. Added missing icons in menubar for schedules and search.
37. Fixed issue with not showing vestsizes at all in time table.
38. Fixed a small issue in the timetable not showing any colors
39. Fixed ugly typo which caused a new competitor not to be put in the category instantly after entering his/her details. The message çhanges have been undone' appeared.
40. Fixed small issue in administration for missing index.
41. Updated court partitioning to provide correct vestsize for Daedo GEN1 or GEN2.
42. Update all document names to english and also renamed drawsheets with day of week
43. New: courtpartitioning based on vestsizes. Select age category or vestsizes to create the court partitioning. Combine courts for better division.
44. Fixed some minor visual issues with poomsae results module. Due to removing some unnecessary columns.
45. Changed main menu structure for accreditations, layouts and Video replay
46. In the timetable initiating drag/drop of a fight is now delayed for one second to avoid unwanted moves.
47. Removed unnecessary options in seeding module if not using WTF/Taekwondodata seeding.
48. Renamed all 'Sparring' to 'Kyorugi' for international naming
49. Added: Reset printstatus for juryforms to enable new batch run
50. Fix for not working GDP with Daedo interface
51. Fixed translation errors
52. Fix: print status reset only resets for the selected date, instead of all
53. New: Option in timetable to send notification to TPSS Live results
54. Renamed rankin and graphical drawsheets for the day they are printed
55. Corrected vestsize and hitlevel for generation 1 and 2 for daedo on jurypaper
56. Changed layoutfolder in settings would not be active until next restart. Fixed.
57. Several layout changes in TPSS to work properly with TP 3.0
58. Full support for barcodescanner (USB/Serial)
59. Barcodescanner type can be selected in basic settings tab 'Barcodereader'
60. Added double click funtionality in officials list to get the official details instantly.
61. Added xls and xlsx import format to Simplycompete in addition to csv format already available.


Exclusive Partner of: 

adidas                 KPP



TPSS Subscription


    TaekoPlan Tournament Subscription Site.
Enter all competitors for your tournament through the internet!

This is a really cheap and very easy to use solution.

No more frustrating competitor entry!
Click on the image to go to TPSS and check it all out.

All your competitors and officials available for immediate download.
Only annual costs for TaekoPlan license holders, non TaekoPlan users pay a fixed fee for each registered entry.
Output in any format like XLS, PDF, Access, flat text.
Interested: send an email to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

TaekoPlan Software Update


The current version is 3.00, released may 1st, 2017.
The upgrade from v2.04 to v3.00 is available for Euro 279,-. excl. 21% Dutch VAT for licensed users with a version equal to or higher than 2.00.
A lot of fixes and new functionality has been applied.

See the update info for a list of changes/fixes!

As this is a new release, please make a backup of your previous version in case you have to revert to that version.

It is always recommended to upgrade to a new major version by downloading the new setup which is available in the downloads section.
Minor updates can be applied by using the live-update feature in TaekoPlan.

After downloading, you don't have to uninstall your previous version. Your data will remain intact. Just run the new setup.
Because of the changed multi language feature, you will need to acquire a new license for the language you specify, if you have an existing version lower then 1.9.

If you have a lower version, it's not recommended to just upgrade, as you will definitely get a large amount of errors due to missing components.