For detailed pricing information for your specific federation or club, please contact us.

All prices include:

- Free email support
- Two remote training sessions
- Free updates upto the next major release.


For enhanced support contracts, please contact


Enhanced support contracts could include:

- Extra support by phone
- More training options, like on-site
- Extended updates, even new major versions


Countries using TaekoPlan software

The follow federations are currently using our software:

Denmark, Sweden, Finland,
Iceland,Poland, Austria, Spain,
Russia, Slovakia,Italy, Greece,
Bulgaria, Belgium, Israel,
Luxemburg, Ireland, Scotland,
Switzerland,Latvia, Albania,
Czech Republik,Thailand,
Indonesia, Saoudi Arabia,
Turkey,Romania, Albania,
Peru,Canada, USA

And this year we are running the major A-Class/G1 tournaments in:

Austria, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland,  Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Turkey....
And a lot of G1's are done by federations themselves.

TaekoPlan has been sold in over 48 countries by federations and clubteams.

In total currently 246 licenses have been sold.

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TaekoVR is the synonym for TaekoPlan Video Replay System. Completely new addition to the TaekoPlan software package.
With TaekoVR you can add an important option to your tournaments: Video Replay.
As the new WTF rules ask for video replay during greater tournaments, we have developed a new system which in a later state can be connected to both the BudoScore scoreboard system, Daedo and TaekoPlan.



All major brands consumer camera's, either SD or High definition are supported. USB, HDMI or firewire connections.

For USB camera's special drivers might need to be installed in order to allow video streaming.

Please note: the quality of the camera's is highly important for the software to function properly!

The software is completely configurable and you can use the mouse or keyboard  to zoom in/out.

The last two European Championships in Kharkov and Baku were both succesfully done with this software.


- Recording with 1 or 2 cams
- Playback switch between cam1 and cam2
- Slowmotion, frame by frame, zoom in/out
- One second forward/reverse stepping
- Adjustable nr. of seconds reverse starting from end of recording
- Perfect smooth zoom in and out
- Completely configurable so more than one brand of cams can be used
- Synchronized recording
- Up to 2 camera's per court
- Joining of all split files to one complete fight at the end of the fight (configurable)
- Image and text overlay functions
- Compression to DIVX or any other supported format like Windows Media or h264


- Integrated overlay with realtime fight info from the scoreboard system.

Of course as you can imagine, performance greatly depends on the computer configuration.

Configuration required:

- Notebook with at least 2 Gb memory

- Hard disk free space approx. 100 Gb


Any encoder will work


The current stable version is v1.4.4.


The pricing for the software is based on a single license per court structure. The price goes down as more courts are being purchased.

If you want to have additional info, a quote or have any questions about this new product, please send an email to

TPSS Subscription


    TaekoPlan Tournament Subscription Site.
Enter all competitors for your tournament through the internet!

This is a really cheap and very easy to use solution.

No more frustrating competitor entry!
Click on the image to go to TPSS and check it all out.

All your competitors and officials available for immediate download.
Only annual costs for TaekoPlan license holders, non TaekoPlan users pay a fixed fee for each registered entry.
Output in any format like XLS, PDF, Access, flat text.
Interested: send an email to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

TaekoPlan Software Update


The current version is 3.00, released may 1st, 2017.
The upgrade from v2.04 to v3.00 is available for Euro 279,-. excl. 21% Dutch VAT for licensed users with a version equal to or higher than 2.00.
A lot of fixes and new functionality has been applied.

See the update info for a list of changes/fixes!

As this is a new release, please make a backup of your previous version in case you have to revert to that version.

It is always recommended to upgrade to a new major version by downloading the new setup which is available in the downloads section.
Minor updates can be applied by using the live-update feature in TaekoPlan.

After downloading, you don't have to uninstall your previous version. Your data will remain intact. Just run the new setup.
Because of the changed multi language feature, you will need to acquire a new license for the language you specify, if you have an existing version lower then 1.9.

If you have a lower version, it's not recommended to just upgrade, as you will definitely get a large amount of errors due to missing components.