For detailed pricing information for your specific federation or club, please contact us.

All prices include:

- Free email support
- Two remote training sessions
- Free updates upto the next major release.


For enhanced support contracts, please contact


Enhanced support contracts could include:

- Extra support by phone
- More training options, like on-site
- Extended updates, even new major versions


Countries using TaekoPlan software

The follow federations are currently using our software:

Denmark, Sweden, Finland,
Iceland,Poland, Austria, Spain,
Russia, Slovakia,Italy, Greece,
Bulgaria, Belgium, Israel,
Luxemburg, Ireland, Scotland,
Switzerland,Latvia, Albania,
Czech Republik,Thailand,
Indonesia, Saoudi Arabia,
Turkey,Romania, Albania,
Peru,Canada, USA

And this year we are running the major A-Class/G1 tournaments in:

Austria, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland,  Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Turkey....
And a lot of G1's are done by federations themselves.

TaekoPlan has been sold in over 48 countries by federations and clubteams.

In total currently 246 licenses have been sold.


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Overview of updates:


1. Added vestsizes in time table
2. Update tariff entry and checked correct output
3. Removed old Daedo 4 and 12 versions. Daedo Truescore and TKStrike supported
4. Updated competitor list on screen
5. Implemented Poomsae elimination or combination of cut-off and elimination.
6. Updated Poomsae scoreboard to v5.0
7. Fixed issue with kyorugi and Poomsae for the same competitor
8. Fixed issue with formsize of accreditation entry
9. Updated timetable to reflect new Poomsae options
10. Updated Poomsae Beamer module
11. Replaced 'SDP' by 'GDP' (sudden death to Golden point)
12. Updated weighin module to show numbers per category group
13. Fix: if column was to be removed and was part of index, the column could not be removed.
14. Poomsae: added bonus/malus points for Para Poomsae
15. Ranking (123) is now combined for Kyorugi and all poomsae forms. No need to select different poomsae type in topbar of screen
16. Update Liveupdate to get rid of the caching problems. Should now always be able to download updates.
17. Improved Checkprize in competitor management for faster searching
18. Fixed: issue with poomsae time table. After scrolling sometimes wrong category was selected although mouse pointed to the correct one.
19. Added error messages to Daedo TKstrike output if roundtimes or no. of rounds is missing.
20. Update barcode input for weighin scan to 4 digits.
21. Fixed WTF g1 output filename, tournamentname was not separated from standard file outputname part.
22. Updated function to decide which menu options to show in main menu.
23. Fixed wrong index 'Tarief' in competitor entry.
24. Added missing english translations
25. Update Video replay report and video replay sheet to version 2017
26. Update Juryform to version 2017
27. Fixed size issue with basic tournament settings screen (update button on bottom)
28. Fixed tariff seek function
29. All printed output has centered headers
30. Fixed issue with competitor overview showing freestyle participation if not
31. Fixed issue with competitors per category not showing correctly.
32. Fixed two issues in DB creation which caused the fields to be removed and recreated all the time
33. Fixed invalid procedure call error in fight schedule when called from timetable
34. Added Daedo GEN2 vestsizes to compact scheme
35. Invalid procedure call error in Fightschedule fixed.
36. Added missing icons in menubar for schedules and search.
37. Fixed issue with not showing vestsizes at all in time table.
38. Fixed a small issue in the timetable not showing any colors
39. Fixed ugly typo which caused a new competitor not to be put in the category instantly after entering his/her details. The message çhanges have been undone' appeared.
40. Fixed small issue in administration for missing index.
41. Updated court partitioning to provide correct vestsize for Daedo GEN1 or GEN2.
42. Update all document names to english and also renamed drawsheets with day of week
43. New: courtpartitioning based on vestsizes. Select age category or vestsizes to create the court partitioning. Combine courts for better division.
44. Fixed some minor visual issues with poomsae results module. Due to removing some unnecessary columns.
45. Changed main menu structure for accreditations, layouts and Video replay
46. In the timetable initiating drag/drop of a fight is now delayed for one second to avoid unwanted moves.
47. Removed unnecessary options in seeding module if not using WTF/Taekwondodata seeding.
48. Renamed all 'Sparring' to 'Kyorugi' for international naming
49. Added: Reset printstatus for juryforms to enable new batch run
50. Fix for not working GDP with Daedo interface
51. Fixed translation errors
52. Fix: print status reset only resets for the selected date, instead of all
53. New; option in timetable to send notification to TPSS Live results
54. Renamed rankin and graphical drawsheets for the day they are printed
55. Corrected vestsize and hitlevel for generation 1 and 2 for daedo on jurypaper
56. Changed layoutfolder in settings would not be active until next restart. Fixed.
57. Several layout changes in TPSS to work properly with TP 3.0
58. Added USB Barcode scanner support. By adding a barcode on an accreditation,
TP redirect you directly to the competitor details after scanning.
59. Barcodescanner type can be selected in basic settings tab 'Barcodereader'
60. Update Taekoplan.pdf help and imcluded the link to this file in the Help menu.
61: Fixed some issues with search photo option for accreditations. Scrollbar was not visible for the right part.
62. Overall classification did not provide output after uipdate. Has been fixed
63. Using Microsoft Speech API for output of spoken texts during draw of lots
64. Added TaekoPlan PDF Shortcut to menubar on top for quick access
65. Fixed issue when changing a linked class (linked to dan/kupgrades) and combining to
another catergory. The competitor would automaticall change back to the correct class without being
switched for the category again.
66. Fixed translation error 'Hoofdmenu'
67. Added moved fight to the already existing additional fights overview.
68. Fixed issue with not being able to delete an object in the layour designer
69. Added FreeImage library to convert png, bmp and gif on the fly to JPG.
This format is needed for the accreditations.
70. Added new properties for barcode width, height and format (type) in the layout designer.
71. Updated weighin view in which you activate/deactivate competitors in a fast manner.
It is now synchronized with the weighin process list.
72. Update Video Replay Quota to the new rules for 2017 (one VR quota per round)
73. Fixed small issue with USB barcodescanner not starting
74. Fix for fight for 3rd/4th place. Info sent to daedo was rejected due to '/' in the phase name.
75: Added WTF Draw for schedules between 65 en 128. This was hot topic due to Presidents Cup.
76. Added print selection option in competitorlist
77. Fixed issue with check prizes not working in competitor entry module
78. Overview avaibale categories sometimes showed 'none'. Fixed.
79. Added number of competitors and active vomp to the weightclasses list in competitor entry.
80. Updates statistics module layout
81. Updated ' Setup courts' module to be resizable
82. Minimizes Webserver after start
83. Added status inspection desk as 'C' and 'H' in realtime time table
84. Added active fight in timetable with colour green
85. Added finished fight in timetable with colour magenta.
86. Click on playername in bottom timetable module will now show player details.
87. Added category without weight to certificate data options
88. Update Caller module to be one solution for Announcer, beamer and Inspection.
89. Added Start character for Barcode scanning in basic settings.
90. Added fight info to new competitor info screen
91: Small fix for changing classes at competitor entry and an error message
92: Fix for small issue with missing field in central database.
93: Fixed issue with weightclasses and no show of the list.
94. Update tournament selection module
95. Fixing major issues iwith memory stack. Version is stable again, but some
minor issues to be cleared.
96. Fixed memory leaks which caused modules not to work properly
97: Fixed issue with printing, error or not printing at all.
98: Fixed SQL issue for the statistics
99. Fixed issue with not showing Daedo GEN2 on the accreditations


1. Fix for Poomsae in a two day event. date could not be selected for the categories.


1. Fix for Poomsae if import from Simplycompete did not provide valid pair or teamnumbers.


1. Fixed several issues with Poomsae and combination of elimination and cut-off and split categories.


1. Fix for not creating poomsae result records when planning manually


1. Fix for no. of categories in drawsheet printout. Was limited to 50.
2. Upgraded several components to newer versions
3. Improved handling of finished matches in poomsae elimination.


1. Added final weigtinlist option, with realtime weights plus date/time stamp.
2. Fixed issue that checking a competitors'weight would overwrite date/time stamp of
automatic weighin.


1. Update World Taekwondo logo on selected reports


1. Licensing update to request a new license when updating to version 3


1. Updated field names from SimplyCompete import. Changed once again...


1. Fixed licensing issue


1. Fixed issue with uploading a new event to TPSS; double internetid's could be
created and overwrite earlier tournaments. Check is built in to avoid this.


1. Fix for not showing trophy results for individual poomsae. Existed after the newly
built in elimination system for poomsae


1. Updated Daedo/KPP box to work with it's category. Instead of using the main
category group you can select the category group to use with Daedo/KPP.
This enables you to draw for a second group while running the first.


1. In court partitioning the total no. of fight per court and the time needed are now on top of the view.
Otherwise with a lot of categories you had to scroll up and down.


1. Added extra fixed rows to leave the header in the same position without scrolling up.


1. Small fix to lock keyboard entry in the newly created pulldown for Daedo and KPP.


1. Fix for not being able to drag and drop categories in court partitioning


1. Fix for not showing category groups in KP&P interface


1. Fix for no. of categories exceeding program limit (140+)


1. Fix for court partitioning where output of planning was not as planned
2. Fix for not having the last category in the courtplanning calculated for time and no. of fights.


1. Translation 'Toevoegen' in competitor entry
2. Fix drag and drop error in court partitioning


TaekoPlan v2.00 Upgrade information


- Improved look for the whole application
- Replaced most icons with fresh new ones
- Now fully compliant with UTF-8, so foreign charactersets are now supported (Greek, Russian, Thai ...)
- Live Update has been activated again. when set to yes in the basic settings, it will check at start for updates.
- Removed 'connected to network' setting in basic settings
- Removed 'Select datafolder...'in basic settings. has been moved to tournament selection.
- Fully rewritten database driver to avoid 3265 Item not found... error in the program after an update.
- Fully rewritten form load module with a high speed increase on loading


- Select tournament: new view, including start/endate and no. of competitors
- Remove tournament: new view, including start/endate and no. of competitors
- Basic tournament settings: new view, removed obsolete code.
- Default times per category moved to the category module.
- Competitor entry: added the three options for naming convention to the menu. These were moved from the basic settings.
- Teams: added the option to use badges as replacement for the flags. The badges are shown in the competitor entry screen
  and results list
- Listno's teams/schools: added flags to the team names. Added two buttons for printing ID cards for competitors
  and offcials. Just select one or more from the list.
- Seeding: added button auto-seeding which enables you to seed fighters based on Taekwondodata points.
- Draw of lots: new view
- Planning: new view
- Results processing: new view, updated single fight view with flags.
- Age category: created option to enter round no's and times per class.
  These times are set for Daedo, adidas, ASL and Budoscore output.
- New: Management: added modules for control of sections and categories.
- New: Competitorlist: added flags to the list
- New: WTF draw: new view, added sounds to the draw, so you can use computerized draw with voice output
- New: WTF poomsae draw: new view, added sounds to the draw, so you can use computerized draw with voice output
- New: Poomsae age categories: now possible to create 50 categories instead of 20. View is now scrollable.
- New: Competitor entry: you can now just select a weightclass without changing the weight. The weight willl be set to the highest
possible value for that weightclass.
- Fix: Issue with save command in layout designer. Normal save did not function properly
- New: Created new poomsae score form based on the latest one from WTF
- New: Created new export for TPSS Upload, which will be implemented on TPSS in november.
- Fix: Draw of lots: fixed issue wiith seeding above 9 not allowed.
- New: Planning: upgraded option to select separate courts for specific weightclasses. Previous version was only capable upto 9 courts.
- New: Same action doen for the poomsae planning
- New: In Layoutdesigner option added to unlink current template
- Fix: autoupdate ran during WTF draw of lots due to reactivation of main module
- Fix: some reports would not run in a new tournament without competitors
- New: added accuracy and presentation max score entries for poomsae
- Updated behaviour of open database procedures
- Fix: manual entry of poomsae results. High/low and skipping to next entry fixed
- New: Created new Video Replay sheets according to layout provided by WTF
- Fix: Fixed issue with activating competitors


Today: February 27th, 2012

A new update of TaekoPlan has been released. This is version 1.56.6

1. New: added option to enter vestsizes for Daedo EBP if used.

2. New: Added AutoBackup facility to be able to make intermediate backups unattended.

3. New: Option to invert court numbering in realtime fight schedule (6...1 instead of 1...6) to reflect the actual situation in the hall.

4. New: Updated all output to have uniform headers and footers

5. New: Created matrix overview for prices won by team

6. New: Updated lots of output lists, like weighin list

7. New: Added WTF jurypaper latest version

8. New: added additional fight info in realtime fight schedule

9. New: fully adapted to latest WTF output lists, like drawsheet, result lists

10. New: added option to leave competitors out of the team classification

11. New: added full Taekwondodata import and export function 

12. New: Complete stand-alone accreditation module now available for licensed users

13. Updated: Daedo scoreboard connection

14. Fixed: some translation omissions

15. Updated: team classification overview. More age categories can now be combined


Today: October 24th 2011

A new update of TaekoPlan has been released. This is version 1.52.3

1. New: module for searching photos in the TaekoPlan archive. This archive is created by extracting all photos from any tournament.
2. New: Added notification of original fight number when moving fights in the fight planning
3. Update: changed the way realtime scoreboard is presented. These are now separate screens instead of a tab-interface.

Today: October 14th 2011

A new update of TaekoPlan has been released. This is version 1.52.2

1. Some minor bug fixes

Today: October 7th 2011

A new update of TaekoPlan has been released. This is version 1.52.1

1. New: Added a checkbox to allow a TaekwondoData header to be shown on the drawsheets
2. New: Added a date selection box for the certificates module to allow easier selection of prize winners
3. New: Added right click menu option 'Video Replay quota' in result entry schedule
4. New: Added module to easily update the video replay quota for the selected competitor.

Today: September 28th, 2011

A new update of TaekoPlan has been released. This is version 1.52.0

1. Fix: Importing a template in template management module failed.
2. Fix: Uploading live results always showed successfully, even if one or more records failed.
3. New: Added Auto backup option. This can be setup in Settings module.
4. New: Added right click options for details and printing of id cards in listno's teams module
5. New: Added option to layout designer to enable/disable grid through the menu
6. New: Added template option to layout designer. Templates can be created and merged with normal layouts.
7. Fix: some missing translations
8. Update: Create button for weight classes now creates all missing info. You only need to enter the upper limit for each weightclass.
9. Update: For uploading the tournament to TPSS you always needed to change some info, save it and then start upload. Now the system checks if any relevant info has been changed and will recreate the outputfile.

Today: August 7th, 2011

A new update of TaekoPlan has been released. This is version 1.51.0

1. Removed live update function. Will be replaced by new one.
2. New: Added module for exporting TaekwondoData list in excel format and importing the corrections by TaekwondoData

Today: June 7th, 2011

A new update of TaekoPlan has been released. This is version1.50. This a major release and the first paid upgrade.

1. ZIP/UNZIP Utility: When the module was closed to quickly while processing, a message 'duplicate key' showed up. Has been fixed
2. Competitors/seeding: changed layout
3. Competitors/seeding: fixed issue with picking up rankingpoints from taekwondodata
4. Taekwondodata connection has become a paid feature. Can be purchased as addition to your license
5. Wizard: Changed layout because messagebox with single competitor notification could become too long. Is now a separate list
6. Jurypapers can now be printed without preview. With or without preview is now a separate option
7. Combine competitor: completely rebuild code, should solve some minor issues
8. Referees: some errors showed up, also double names on jurypaper when used. Fixed
9. Referee-list: translation issues fixed
10: Assistants: translation issues fixed
11. Budget calculation: after adding or removing competitors budget was not recalculated. Fixed
12. Draw of lots: new layout showing all drawn categories, so they can be reviewed
13. Category-names are now longer and can be read better
14. Print graphical schemes after draw of lots: now possible without preview
15. Weigh-in: translation issues fixed
16. Weigh-in: Type mismatch happened under some circumstances. Fixed
17. Competitor fight info: when competitor ID did not exist screen was not cleared; old infow as shown and printout gave error
18: Competitor fight info: Error 13 type mismatch with first start
19. Payment rolls competitors for those who did not pay yet gave all competitors, not just the not paying
20. Tournamentname on payrolls took too much space
21. Refreshed button layout
22. Changed sidebar colour to reflect the new version
23. New layout for listno's teams/school module. Three separate sections for teams, figthers and officials.
24. Removal of competitors did not check for 'empty' teams (no fighters left).
25. In competitor entry data could be saved without having a name of the fighters. Has been fixed.
26. In the basic tournament settings a new option has been added to select between numbers or characters for the court numbering.
27. Overview competitors: split in two parts, on the left side the regular list, on the right side the single competitors.
28. Fix: Reset tournament for Poomsae did not remove existing categories
29. Fix: printing tournament information did not show the correct no of teams.
30. Fix: Printing weigh-in list: Split of categories worked reverse to what was expected.
31. Fix: Background printing for jurypapers and other reports was not properly linked to selected controls.
32. Fix: Team classification: single competitor was counted in both male and female.
33. New: Time table: no. of courts is now correctly filled out over the with of the form
34. Fix: Drag and drop time table now works as expected
35. Fix: Drag and drop in planning Poomsae now works as expected
36. Fix: Division of referees went wrong in German version due to different date format.
37. Fix: creating Poomsae categories went wrong when a category name was chanegd.
38. New: Added new report: List of seeds. can be printed from the seeding module
39. New: Added new language: German
40. New: Added flag of Tajikistan
41. New: Changed flag of Georgia
42. new: Taekwondodata website now gives Points instead of ranking. Has been updated
43. New: Listno's teams: added column to show if a picture has been added
44. New: Listno's teams: added column to show if an ID card has been printed
45. New: Listno's teams: Added column to show the no of ID cards been printed so far from a team
46. Fix: During planning of Poomsae an error mesage showed up when using more than 14 age categories.
47. Fix: In the result list sometimes a third place was not shown. This happened in a category with 4 fighters and 1 free draw.
48. Fix: check for current points on taekwondodata website
49. New: When seeding the fighters are sorted on seed no. and taekwondodata points
50. New: During the WTF draw seeding and taekwondodata points have been added to make it more transparant. Sorting is done on seedno. and points
51. Fix: In the tablesheet an error message occured when showing more than 14 fights vertically.
52. Fix: In the tablesheet the last 2 or 3 fights were not visible.
53: Fix: Result options in tablesheet sunchronised with fight schedule screen
54. New: Spanish language added
55. New: refresh button style on all forms
56. New: Updated layout designer wth new properties module. More stable than previous one.
57. Fix: While refreshing too fast in the classification list sometimes wrong points showed up.
58. New: In the excport of age categories, classes, weightclasses, referees etc the storage path can now be selected
59. Fix: In the result list for Poomsae the grouping was not correct. This caused the last competitor of a previous category to be shown in the next one.
60. New: Jurypapers can now be printed in background mode. This settings is seperated from the other reports now.
61. Fix: The classification lists now don't give points anymore to disqualified fighters
62. New: Toolbar colour changes in v1.5 to clearly show difference with previous versions
63. New: layout of seeding screen has been adjusted for better readability
64. Fix: Deactivate a fighter and after that reactivate him would cause the fighter to be placed on a different position in the fight schedule.
66. New: Added custom format to printoutput options, so layout designer format is correctly printed.
67. New: Optional removal of taekwondodata seeding and points when not used during WTF draw
68. New: Added module to make budoscore scoreboard data visible on competition management table.
69. New: Complete integrated Video replay quota assignment. Automatic updates when using the Budoscore scoreboard system.

Older updates:

Today: March 16h, 2010

A new update of TaekoPlan has been released. This is version 1.33.0 and is a major release

New: Upgraded poomsae software, adding extra rounds and more
Fix: ID Card issue crashed output; after that no printing possible anymore; only restart would solve.
Fix: Timetable drag&drop failed sometimes when table was scrolled down.
Fix: Poomsae planning drag&drop failed after scrolling hor or vert..
New: Better readability category names (longer and more clear).
Fix: Clear poomsaeresults when tournaments initialized.
Fix: Security rebuilt. Password protected modules working again normally.

New: For excel import of competitos, if no team or country is given, defaults can be selected. They will apply for the full import.
Fix: After importing an excelsheet, a lot of empty competitor records were created. They are now deleted after import.
New: Check on duplicates in age category abbreviations.

A new update of TaekoPlan has been released. This is version 1.31 and is a major release
  • NEW: Upgraded weightclasses for senior male/female according to WTF rules
  • NEW: TPSS import now done in XML format, more flexible.
  • FIX: TPSS Teamleader import did not return correct city info
  • NEW: Weigh-in export now also done with XML
  • FIX: Issue with weigh-in export not transferring correct age category in some circumstances

Today: november 2nd, 2009

A new update of TaekoPlan has been released. This is version 1.30 (BETA) and is a major release

  • FIX: Missing translations (OWN)
  • NEW: Show marker on fight when a note has been added (OWN)
  • FIX: Translate vereniging in import module
  • NEW: Remove compress question during zip creation if scoreboard attached
  • NEW: Print starttime on drawsheet
  • NEW: Drag and drop functionality in time schedule (OWN); also fixed issues with not showing fight info anymore
  • NEW: Check if a copy of a tournament is being restored and used for a new one. Internet id’s will be changed to avoid problems on TPSS. User will be notified with a message box
  • FIX: Update controls to speed up application
  • FIX: Fixed all forms sizes for Vista and Windows 7. Is now working properly
  • NEW: Random draw after each round in the Poomsae system. Has been made flexible, so user can select to do randow draw or the lowest ranked first in the next round. (AUT)
  • NEW: Split age categories in Ind/Pair/Sync/Team
  • FIX: Planning over two days was not working correct. Days were not separated correctly.
  • NEW: Create option to manually draw categories for poomsae, like the WTF draw for sparring.
  • FIX: Fixed issue with background image error message in basic settings.
  • FIX: Fixed issue with printtime of jurypapers; leading zero was not added if time was below 10:00
  • FIX: Several small fixes for Poomsae
  • NEW: Interface to DaeDo electronic body protectors (Truescore software)
  • FIX: Version renumber from 1.3 to 1.30
  • FIX: Poomsae lists could not be printed anymore after upgrade for scoreboard
  • FIX: Drag and drop of additional fight (.1) failed; fight completely disappeared from time schedule.

Today: october 11th, 2009

A new update of TaekoPlan has been released. This is version 1.3 and is a major release.


  • FIX: Missing translations (OWN)
  • NEW: Show marker on fight when a note has been added (OWN)
  • FIX: Translate vereniging in import module
  • NEW: Remove compress question during zip creation if scoreboard attached
  • NEW: Print starttime on drawsheet
  • NEW: Drag and drop functionality in time schedule (OWN)
  • NEW: Check if a copy of a tournament is being restored and used for a new one. Internet id’s will be changed to avoid problems on TPSS. User will be notified with a message box
  • FIX: Update controls to speed up application
  • FIX: Fixed all forms sizes for Vista and Windows 7. Is now working properly
  • NEW: Random draw after each round in the Poomsae system. Has been made flexible, so user can select to do randow draw or the lowest ranked first in the next round. (AUT)
  • NEW: Split age categories in Ind/Pair/Sync/Team
  • FIX: Planning over two days was not working correct. Days were not separated correctly.
  • NEW: Create option to manually draw categories for poomsae, like the WTF draw for sparring.
  • FIX: Fixed issue with background image error message in basic settings.
  • FIX: Fixed issue with printtime of jurypapers; leading zero was not added if time was below 10:00



Today: october 4th, 2009

A new update of TaekoPlan has been released. This is version 1.25.2 and is a minor release because of some small bug fixes

- A fix was made when a team was added from a country that's not in the standard country list anymore. Error 94 occured. Solved
- Fight logging sometimes showed wrong colours for the cornerjudges. Has been fixed
- Age category puuldown selection for poomsae has been limited to the categories available for that specific type (ind/pair/sync/team)
- Field added to the database for the age categories; sometimes error 3265 occured. has been fixed.
- Activating the budoscore connection now also enables the setting to automatically pickup results from the courts.
- A setting for team championship in the basic settings is now not visible when you don't run a team championship
- Some translations fixed
- Fixed issue with Caller; after selecting a tournament from the list, the Caller crashed.

- Caller and Beamer now show the current software version


Today: september 18th, 2009

A new update of TaekoPlan has been released. This is version 1.25.1 and is a minor release because of some small bug fixes

- On the first start of TaekoPlan some new databases should be prepared. Error 0 occured. Has been fixed.
- Added 3 fields to Poomsae module for entering the no. of forms per round
- Upgraded the entry of poomsae forms in the competitors management
- Upgraded financial administration to work properly for Poomsae also
- Poomsae tournaments can now be held over more than 1 day. Planning issue for that has been fixed.



Older update info:

Release 1.9.7 of nov. 7th, 2006

  • Some fixes regarding the ITF version, especially two printing issues
  • New: creation of layouts for ID cards, coachcards, accreditationcards and different labels for teams, referees  and assistants. Under Print/Create Print Layout you can now create your own layout, inlcuding labels, datafields, pictures, barcodes and so on. The standards cards that were being used are obsolete now. A number of predefined cards are available. They only require the correct logo to be applied.

Release 1.9.0 of may 23rd

  • First multilingual version. Only one program file, able to switch between languages with separate language files.
  • New option: Team Championships. Worked out for the European Championships 2006 in Trelleborg, but now also available for all users. You can run poulesystem with elimination or just elimination. Complete incl. draw of lots and result entry.


Release 1.8.3 of febr 24th

  • Added option to print labels for assistants or referees - Added new toolbar component with 4 styles, to be selected through the basic settings. - Some major changes to the combine option for competitors.

Release 1.8.2 (build 393) of febr 12th

  • One minor fix

Release 1.8.1 (build 389) of febr 1st


  • Some small fixes
  • Full integration of the BudoScore scoreboard system in TaekoPlan
  • Improved competitor import facility
  • Fixed bug in compact fight schedule with category groups being mixed up in certain situations.


Release 1.8.1 (build 376) of december 14th


  • Some small fixes
  • Fixed bug when seeding three competitors in a category of four
  • Added jurypaper to be used in combination with scoreboard system.

Release 1.8.0 of december 6th

  - Beamer and caller modules are now separate free modules
- TaekoPlan has been adapted to work together with the new BudoScore scoreboard system.
- Some minor changes regarding selection trophy
- Option to enter selection trophy participation o­n the subscription site
- New licensing system; you have to acquire new license info after updating your software.

Release 1.7.0 of october 1st

  - New: Option to enter scores at the jury tables itself. Special license is needed to use this functionality. License is free until the end of this year. The results are automatically processed in the system. No manual intervention required. Also the juryforms have been adapted for this feature.
- Rewritten draw of lots. Sometimes it happened that two competitors of the same team were drawn against each other. This slight bug has now been fixed.

Release 1.6.9 of September 19th

- Tuned beamer output option; separate license will o­nly start beamer module.
- Flag of Serbia and Montenegro was missing; fixed
- Added new flags large size for each country.
- Drawing of lots and printing of graphic schemes could o­nly be done for the selected date in the main screen. This has been changed.
- WTF draw has been adjusted for semi-automatic draw.
- Scheme for 64 competitors has been updated slightly to show better layout during WTF draw.
- The header showed '(modules: )' even if you don't have additional licenses. Has been fixed.

Release 1.6.8 of September 11th

- New: Beamer output option; fights can be shown o­n great screen to inform spectators and any other interested persons.
- New: Caller output option; Person who is calling for the competitors to prepare and is calling the fights and eventually results can use this new module.
- Fix: Realtime planning sometimes showed strange times; has been fixed. Also added visual sign for start and end of breaks.
- Fix: Protestform showed wrong country for protesting competitor.

Release 1.6.7 of September 3rd

- Slight adjustments for poomsee handling, first release of poomsee timetable.
- Option to create accreditation cards with selectable fields and layout positioning.

Release 1.6.6 of August 2nd

- Fixed issue with age categories not showing up in competitor entry for ITF use. WTF version was not touched

Release 1.6.2 of March 21

- Added two printouts for tablesheets for referees for both ETU and WTF
- Changed the way realtime fight planning behaved. Should be correct now. Furthermore, it's now being calculated o­n separate fight lengths for each single age category.
- Default fileld planning also made o­n separate fight lengths for each single age category.
-Added option to move fights within the schedule straight from real time time schedule screen.

New from release 1.6.2 of March 13

- Added printout for announcing next fights o­n each court
- Rewritten accreditation module to make it even easier to enter people for accreditation
- Created special ID cards for European and World Championships.
- Added option to split team and country classification for overall, male and female

New from release 1.5.172


TaekoPlan is able to create a poulesystem, next to the already existing elimination scheme.
In the draw screen you will see the number of competitors (active) next to the category name. You can decide to switch to the poulesystem for certain categories when there are not enough competitors to run elimination.

Automatic weigh

You can connect a computer in the weigh in room with the main computer (e.g. with a network cable) and go through the weigh in without the use of any paperwork.
All changes are made straight into the central tournament database.
When you attach a barcode scanner, you can even scan the competitor's id card.
All information is available o­n the computer screen during the weigh in.

Besides these two main features, some additional smaller things have been changed, like accreditation cards and the WTF draw.
For the next comping weeks, the development of TaekoPlan will come to a halt. Our main attention will go to upgrading the documentation.

New in release 1.5.39!

TaekoPlan can divide tournament referees over the available fields. You have to enter a specific amount of refs (at least fields * 3) in order to activate the division. It's completely randomized, takes care of countries and participants.

You can now enter photo's for each participant and for each official from a participating team. They can be printed o­n newly created accreditation cards.

When you insert a logo for printouts and the ID-card and you make a zipfile from the tournement, another person importing the zipfile was not able to see the logo's, because they were held o­n a local hard disk. From now o­n the logo's are added to the tournament database, so after unzipping o­n a different location, the logo's are still there to be seen.

The WTF draw of lots has been restyled and fully checked against the scheme definitions.
A scheme of 64 competitors can now be drawn lots.

Please note: In order to get this update properly, first download the latest LiveUpdate from this website. It will install an extra DLL (TKWSCF) in order to run some additional features.

Older fixes:

Release 1.4.50

Fixed: couple of bugs due to enabled ITF selection, especially regarding weightclasses and initialization.
Fixed: After new fresh install with no tournaments available, TaekoPlan crashed. Has been resolved.
Fixed: o­n a couple of places instead of the proper classname a '0' was shown. Has been resolved.


Release 1.4.176

Fixed: bug in selection trophy in the english version, which did not select the selected competitors to be counted for. All competitors from the team competed, selected or not.

Release 1.4.180

Fixed: bug in import module for competitors entered in an excel sheet. Now working properly in both dutch and english version.

Release 1.4.188

Fixed: slight bug in the way competitor names where being shown. Due to recent changes in sexecodes. Has been resolved.

Release 1.4.190

Fixed: bug which disabled output for the fightnumber lists after changing a competitor's category.

Release 1.4.194

Added: adjustable timer to close fightscheme module.
Added: export facility for added teams during tournament

Release 1.4.204

Fixed some minor translation errors after the first real test of TaekoPlan English version during 7th British Open.
Fixed some details with combining competitors and printing schemes immediately after the action succeeded.

Release 1.4.220

Fixed some report issues regarding ITF support.

Release 1.4.247

Fixed minor issue with Special Technique results/ranking

Release 1.4.301

This release fixes a major problem with olympic weightclasses and a non olympic draw.
Furthermore some additional fixes were made for the special requirements for use with ITF rules.


All above mentioned bug fixes have been made in both the dutch and english version.
Not mentioned release numbers have not been made public.
Download the latest liveupdate program to get your software updates.

TPSS Subscription


    TaekoPlan Tournament Subscription Site.
Enter all competitors for your tournament through the internet!

This is a really cheap and very easy to use solution.

No more frustrating competitor entry!
Click on the image to go to TPSS and check it all out.

All your competitors and officials available for immediate download.
Only annual costs for TaekoPlan license holders, non TaekoPlan users pay a fixed fee for each registered entry.
Output in any format like XLS, PDF, Access, flat text.
Interested: send an email to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

TaekoPlan Software Update


The current version is 3.00, released may 1st, 2017.
The upgrade from v2.04 to v3.00 is available for Euro 279,-. excl. 21% Dutch VAT for licensed users with a version equal to or higher than 2.00.
A lot of fixes and new functionality has been applied.

See the update info for a list of changes/fixes!

As this is a new release, please make a backup of your previous version in case you have to revert to that version.

It is always recommended to upgrade to a new major version by downloading the new setup which is available in the downloads section.
Minor updates can be applied by using the live-update feature in TaekoPlan.

After downloading, you don't have to uninstall your previous version. Your data will remain intact. Just run the new setup.
Because of the changed multi language feature, you will need to acquire a new license for the language you specify, if you have an existing version lower then 1.9.

If you have a lower version, it's not recommended to just upgrade, as you will definitely get a large amount of errors due to missing components.